My husband and I were interested in a healthier diet. Our nutritionist recommended us to Healthy Plate. Michaela was helpful in creating a suitable meal plan for our needs. Healthy Plate is convenient, affordable, tasty, and of course, healthy.

I'm very pleased!

- Tanya & Norman Sinclair

I ordered a meal plan for a month from healthy plate and they provided me with exceptional service. The food is great and the prep is very neat. I also lost some weight.

- Justin Bascom

Healthy Plate has been doing my meal prep for the last six months. For life style modification, I can definitely see amazing changes. The creativeness and food choices, works and fits very well in by busy life schedule. Thanks Healthy Plate!!

- Bridget Lawrence

I was told about Healthy Plate from a friend. Im a college student how lives on residents, due to my class schedule I just dont have the time to cook every night so id usually just eat whatever I could find, which wasn't always the healthiest and it resulted in weight gain. Since eating meals from this company ive noticed weight loss plus the meals are so good!!

- Samantha Brown

Working  long hours and taking care of my son made it hard for me to make proper and nutritious meals for myself, leaving me feeling sluggish. After eating from Healthy Plate, not only is it easy for me to just take my lunch out of my fridge and warm it up but ive also noticed a physical change and increase energy level.

- Kayon Russell